Viva Preschool


Learning Spanish in PreSchool can…

  1. Increase listening skills
  2. Boost brain development
  3. Build self-esteem
  4. Provide a solid foundation for future language learning
  5. Encourage openness and acceptance of other cultures

Viva PreSchool! Curriculum

The curriculum we use addresses the developmental needs and learning styles of preschoolers. Each lesson uses typical children’s activities — songs, games, stories and art projects – in Spanish!

Preschoolers are taught in small groups – less than 12 in a class and class sessions are customized for your needs.

Video: Viva Spanish! Preschool Class Preview

Viva PreSchool! is available to preschools or preschool groups. Classes can be arranged before, during, or after preschool time and classes are held right at the preschool or day care.

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