Viva Spanish! Language Programs Company Process Improvements and Updates for 2018-19 Year

  • We have hired 2 former Cleveland Diocese K-8 Principals as additional team members to work as “Spanish Managers” and support assigned schools, principals, and teachers
  • Updated training for teachers- new training modules and comprehension checks
  • Curriculum updates in Viva El and VOCES
  • Video Sub Lessons- Consistency during teacher absences
  • Parent Connection with Handouts, Website, and News Letter

Viva El Curriculum Improvement Highlights for 2018-19 School Year

  • Updated lesson planning templates
  • First three lessons provided for each grade level
  • Updated handouts with parent resources on reverse side
  • Parent Corner- Music and More on Viva Spanish website
  • Parent Connection Newsletter- parents must sign up online to receive this monthly
  • Quizlet sets for Unit Zero
  • Mini Flashcards- set with words and set without words
  • Picture flashcards and word flashcards
  • Class projects- 6 per grade level
  • Online, self-grading assessments
  • Grading Guides for teachers

VOCES 6-8 Curriculum Improvement Highlights for 2018-19 School Year

  • Unit Zero will be added into the VOCES site and guided review from previous year will be provided
  • Chapter 3 will be separated into 2 chapters, separating SER/ESTAR from TENER
  • Lesson Guides will be established to help teachers pace and plan
  • Vocab Quizzes will be prepare to be self-graded in VOCES

Viva Spanish K-8 Curriculum Overview

  • K-3 focuses on building vocabulary while developing basic communication skills with Unit Zero
  • 4-5 Reinforce and strengthen communication skills around Unit Zero while introducing basic grammatical concepts and building sentences with vocabulary
  • 6-8 Refines basic communication skills and large bank of vocabulary while focusing on the grammatical structures and rationales
  • The program goal is High School Readiness for Spanish 2
  • The k-8 program was developed based on ACTFL Standards and a High School Spanish 1 Curriculum
  • The k-8 program focuses on the competencies of speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • The ACTFL Standards focus on: Interpersonal Communication, Interpretive Communication, and Presentational Communication

Viva El K-5 Curriculum Overview

  • Each book begins focusing on the same topics, known as Unit Zero: Body, Greetings, Emotions, Commands, Colors, Numbers, Alphabet, Days, Months, Seasons, Weather
  • Unit Zero resources include full size flashcards, mini flashcards for students, a Unit Zero study guide and other worksheets
  • Subsequently, each book has its own set of topics
  • Each book is accompanied by 30 lesson plans directing the main topic and review topic of the class, as well as the workbook pages to complete and what to send home or assign
  • Handouts to send home for each new topic covered in K-3
  • Each set of topics includes full siSoHIze flashcards and mini flashcards
  • The teacher has a copy of each workbook for reference

Questions? Contact Hannah Reilly:  Director of Programs and Operations or mobile:  440-376-0835