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Students in non-public Schools

We bring on-site Spanish to OHIO elementary schools. For that reason, students in Cleveland, Columbus, Youngstown, Cincinnati and Toledo regions benefit from Viva Spanish programs.

Furthermore, our program is AFFORDABLE >  Most schools use AUXILIARY FUNDING and Title IV monies to pay for the Viva Spanish program.

Since 1996, we have been teaching K-8 Non-Public schools. We have developed unique K-8 curriculum that is remarkably effective and complete. As a result, students learn what they need to test out of Spanish 1 in High School beginning in Kindergarten.

At Viva Spanish! we do all that we can to make sure that your program is successful. Consequently, we customize each program to fit within your school environment and culture.A Spanish Manager will support your assigned teacher to make sure that your program runs smoothly.

Teachers are  required to complete Comprehensive Viva Training and comply with the requirements of your school. Certainly, teachers also submit to BCI and FBI background checks and complete Protecting God’s Children Virtus Training.

We serve 70+ schools in OHIO. Contact us for a complete list! megusta@vivaspanish.com.

Please call Gladys for more information!  440-376-1862