Sharing our insights on effective K-8 Spanish programs

Short 3-5 minute how-to videos

We have created short 3-5 minute videos that reveal how to maintain a solid part time Spanish K-8 program at your school. The videos are presented by our President and Spanish Managers  who are intricately involved in working with Viva part time Spanish teachers and their principals.

This series is intended for those who already have a Spanish program or for anyone thinking of starting one. We hope you can find value through the insights that we have gained in our many years of bringing Spanish to elementary schools. 

The videos can be accessed below:

Part 1 – Intro to Successful Spanish 101 – Overview of what to expect in this series

Part 2 – The Advantage of an Early Start – Rationale for why to start Spanish in Kindergarten

Part 3 – Spanish as an Academic Special– Everyone needs to recognize Spanish as an academic special

Part 4 Defining Your Program – What kind of program do you want for your school?

Part 5 High School Readiness – Does your Spanish program prepare your students for High School?

Part 6Classroom Management – A Part time Spanish teacher needs a lot of support

Part 7Helping your Part time Spanish teacher feel like a member of your staff

Part 8Grading Expectations – What you can expect in a once/week program

Part 9Affording your program – Can Auxiliary funds be used?