TEach with us!

Teach Spanish with us! DO YOU QUALIFY?

  • ______Do you speak Spanish?
  • ______Do you have experience leading groups of children or adults?
  • ______Are you comfortable with technology?
  • ______Are you interested in Part-Time work?
  • ______Are you willing to learn and accept suggestions for improvement?
  • ______Are you willing to put forth effort to do a good job?
  • ______Do the following characteristics describe you?
    • Positive attitude?
    • Responsive?
    • Punctual?
    • Pleasant?
    • Confident?
    • Patient?
    • Enthusiastic?

Viva Spanish!® invests in you through training, support, supervision, curriculum development, coaching. We provide lessons, materials and resources to ensure success in the classroom.

In addition, a Viva Spanish! Teacher is a member of an amazing team of dedicated educational specialists who believe in the value of teaching Spanish language and culture and in helping each other through enthusiastic collaboration, discussion and sharing.

Additional opportunities:  In addition, Viva Spanish! will consider Viva Spanish!® teachers first for new opportunities and contracts.

INTERESTED?  Complete the inquiry form or call us for more information!