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Crystle J Hill

Spanish Manager

Spanish Manager and Curriculum and Instruction Professional

Crystle joined Viva Spanish in July 2021. She has been a certified teacher for the past four years. She brings a vast wealth of knowledge in classroom management, curriculum and instruction, and social emotional learning. Her success in the classroom and her abilities with technology is helping Viva to expand the tools used for learning. Crystle is a former Viva Spanish teacher and has an appreciation for the Spanish language.

  • M. Ed Educational Administration, Ursuline College, Beachwood, OH
  • BS in Mathematics, Southern Connecticut State University
  • Certified Mathematics Teacher (7-12), Ohio Department of Education
  • Former Viva Spanish Teacher
  • cjhill@vivaspanish.com

Aleris Rivera

Spanish Manager

Spanish Manager and Technology Expert

Aleris has been a Viva teacher and has an excellent understanding of the Viva
curriculum and classroom management. Her success in the classroom and her
interest and abilities with technology is helping Viva to expand the tools used
for learning.

She is a native of Puerto Rico, is fluent in both Spanish and English,
has management experience, and recognizes the value of teaching Spanish to K-8 students.

  • Responsible for all aspects of the Viva Spanish! program at assigned schools
  • BS in Criminal Justice, University of Puerto Rico
  • Former Viva Spanish Teacher
  • arivera@vivaspanish.com

Adrienne Publicover

Spanish Manager

Spanish Manager and  Classroom Management Resource

Adrienne served as the Principal at St Francis of Assisi in Gates Mills, OH for 12 years. She now works with Principals and teachers to ensure great learning experiences for all students served by Viva Spanish! Having a mother who is herself a Spanish teacher, Adrienne appreciates the benefits and enjoyment of learning Spanish. Adrienne lives in Solon with her husband Dan and two children, Sophia and Nicholas

  • Responsible for all aspects of the Viva Spanish! program at assigned schools
  • Has conducted Classroom Management workshops for area schools
  • M.Ed Educational Administration , BA Elementary Ed/minor in Spanish, John Carroll, University Hts, OH
  • apublicover@vivaspanish.com

Gladys Benitez-Reilly

Founder and VP of Sales

Founder and VP of Sales and Marketing

Gladys began bringing Spanish to non-public K-8 schools in 1996 because of the recognized need for effective part-time Spanish teachers in the private and charter school space.  She has taught the program herself and brings her knowledge of educational techniques and practices as well as her passion for Spanish to her offerings.  Gladys enjoys the excitement of introducing and promoting the programs to schools who may not otherwise be able to find effective Spanish teachers and curriculum.

  • Responsible for Marketing, Sales, Business Relations, Business Development
  • Parents from Venezuela and Paraguay, South America
  • M.Ed and BS Speech and Language, Kent State University, Kent, OH
  • gbreilly@vivaspanish.com


Hannah C Reilly

Owner and President

Owner and President

Hannah purchased Viva Spanish in July 2021 and adopted the title of Owner and President.  Since she joined Viva Spanish in 2015, she has been a key driver in Viva's success.

Hannah designs and creates the curriculum, workbooks, digital resources and overall business plan for Viva Spanish! She oversees and manages all aspects of Operations and Program Development and directs and supports Spanish Managers.  She works closely with Spanish Managers to ensure that students are learning, Principals and parents are happy and that the students feel successful.

Hannah gave birth to Hazel Santina in January, 2020 and lives in Newbury, OH

  • Spanish Teacher - St Helen Elementary School, Newbury, OH
  • M.Ed Educational Administration, Ursuline College, Beachwood, OH
  • BS Marketing and Entrepreneurship, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH
  • hcreilly@vivaspanish.com

Sandy Dibble

HR & Office Manager

HR, Program Coordinator and Office Manager

Sandy coordinates HR, program details, materials and payroll.  She manages HR functions, payroll and generally keeps us all moving in the right direction!

  • Associate degree in Business Management, Lakeland College, Kirtland, OH
  • sdibble@vivaspanish.com